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5 Content Ideas Recommendation for Ramadan

02 Aug 2023

The month of Ramadan is an extraordinary moment for Muslims around the world that occurs every year. But it turns out that this moment is not only special for Muslims, but also for business people.

From a business point of view, the month of Ramadan can be used as a momentum to further connect with the audience and establish positive relationships throughout the month. With a well-established relationship, business people can benefit from the strategy implemented.

The Ramadan moment itself forces business people to be more creative in making effective strategies. Being creative during Ramadan can help increase engagement significantly.

The key is to make the content as interesting as possible and also relevant. By creating relevant and interesting content, it allows businesses to reach a wider audience.

Especially in the month of Ramadan, the content created must also have a similar theme. But before that, in-depth research must be carried out regarding the contents of this Ramadan edition. Because usually during this holy month there is a change in consumer behavior so businesses need to adjust it.

But don’t worry, in this article we will try to share some content ideas that are suitable for production during Ramadan. Take notes, okay!

1. Menu inspiration for sahur and iftar

The first content idea that can be raised during the month of Ramadan is the inspiration for the menu for sahur and breaking the fast. This content always manages to attract the attention of the audience in every fasting month. That’s because not a few people are sometimes confused about preparing the menu at dawn and breaking the fast. So by promoting this content, it is very likely that Buddies can get a large audience.

2. Restaurant recommendations

As we know, Ramadan is synonymous with ‘bukber’ or joint iftar activities which are often held by relatives or friends. So, Buddies can take advantage of this by raising content that provides recommendations for restaurants or places to eat iftar together. Make sure the content includes all important information, such as location, price, to the food and drink menu.

3. Tips for maintaining health in Ramadan

No less interesting content to produce during the month of Ramadan is about tips for maintaining health. This content is often sought after by people who want to stay fit and in shape while fasting. Buddies can list some exercise movements that are not too strenuous, but still have an effect on fitness.

4. Outfit and fashion ideas

Buying new clothes has become a tradition before Eid. Not only that, people also tend to like to beautify themselves when the day of the celebration arrives. Therefore, Buddies can create content about trending outfit and fashion ideas recently. Content such as Eid clothes, fashion styles, makeup, hair styles and body care tips are highly sought after, increasing 10x compared to normal months.

5. Homecoming needs

Apart from buying new clothes, another tradition that often occurs when approaching Eid is going home to your hometown. Usually, nomads start preparing for homecoming needs about 3 weeks before Eid. Buddies can share important information related to homecoming needs, such as train tickets, plane tickets, or bus tickets.

So, those were some content ideas that can be raised during the month of Ramadan. Make sure the content that will be published later is balanced with an effective marketing strategy so that you can get maximum results.

With a balance of quality content and an effective marketing strategy, it also allows Buddies to get various benefits. Call it like increasing sales, reaching a wider audience, and high traffic visits.

In order to be able to organize and set an effective strategy, first make sure Buddies know the ins and outs of digital marketing in the month of Ramadan. If you’re still confused, we can help you!

Now, BDD has a new program called a bulletin that provides various insights about digital marketing. In order to welcome the fasting month, we also provide a special edition, namely Ramadan Insight: Digital Marketing Campaign Guideline.

In the bulletin, Buddies will be shown various interesting insights, ranging from consumer behavior to business strategies in the month of Ramadan. The way to get the newsletter is really easy, just select the bulletin you want, fill out the form containing the email, then we’ll send you a report that can be downloaded via email.

So you don’t have to wait any longer, just select the newsletter or visit the website BDD here!

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