Digital Marketing Specialist – SKS Digital
18 Jul 2024
Job Description

    Will be placed for our unit Business SKS Digital: a game-changer for MSMEs and startups in the digital advertising realm. We’re on a mission to make digital marketing accessible and effective without the need for hefty budgets. With the measurable growth approach, every step we take is designed to be both impactful and measurable.

    • Advertise the creative that has been sent by the client with the right Paid campaign objective
    • Have a sharp analysis to improve the performance of the Paid campaign that is being run
    • Monitor and analyze the performance of digital campaigns, offering insights for continuous enhancement
    • Able to provide insight from various marketing angles such as Brand awareness, Expanding Audience, Product development, and matters relating to digital marketing
    • Optimizing Paid campaigns so that performance is stable or increases
    • Make plans in the form of marketing strategy, budget distribution, and matters related to digital marketing to improve Paid campaign performance
    • Able to work well with the team in running Paid client campaigns.
    • Have basic competence regarding how pixels or tracking work
    • Mastering basic knowledge in Facebook ads, Google ads, TikTok ads and other marketing platforms
    • Mastering social media tools, especially social media ad platforms
    • Analytical, critical and able to think logically
    • Able to work together in a team
    • Have a broad view & good adaptability
Required Skill
Digital Marketing
Project Management
Facebook Advertising
Social Media
Social Media Strategy
Analytics & Reporting
Communication Skills
Marketing Communications
Online Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Specialist – SKS Digital
18 Jul 2024
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