Marketing Manager
24 Apr 2024
Job Description
    • Oversee all marketing campaigns for company
    • Promote business and service
    • Ensure the company is communicating the right messaging to attract prospective customers and retain existing ones
    • Represent the marketing team to cross-functional groups including product management, sales, or customer support
    • Updating senior leadership on the progress of marketing activities and reporting on the results of campaigns
    • Brainstorm ideas for new campaigns & Implement all the marketing strategy
    • Coordinate with the sales team and other departments to produce effective strategies
    • Monitor current campaigns, ensuring their staff meets deadlines and complete necessary tasks
    • Analyze data to evaluate the success of their marketing efforts and come up with new ideas to improve brand marketing and exposure
    • Lead market research efforts to uncover the viability of current and existing products/services
    • Manage and coordinate marketing staff.
    • Come from a variety of academic backgrounds, including marketing, communication, business and other fields
    • Intimate understanding of traditional and emerging marketing channels
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Ability to think creatively and innovatively
    • Budget-management skills and proficiency
    • Professional judgment and discretion that comes from years of experience in the field
    • Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges
    • Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in graphic design, web design, production, etc
    • Ability to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.
Required Skill
Marketing Communications
Communication Skills
Marketing Strategy
Sales & Marketing
Digital Marketing
Business Development
Project Management
Business Development & Partnerships
Sales Strategy & Management
Social Media
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Manager
24 Apr 2024
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