How Digital Marketing change the world

In the world of how easy to use the internet is today, keeping up with what’s happening online is a must. Day by day the number of people who go online is still increasing. This is shown how powerful this beast is nowadays.

The presence of the Internet is changing the way, the constant usage of the internet changes the way people shop and purchase something. This also proves that anything offline isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Marketing is one of the aspects that got the direct impact from this online activity. Most people today will not spend much time looking at billboards or brochures that they find on the road. Instead of that, in the middle of a jam people would like to see the screen on their phones or tablet. 

This phenomenon shows us that the Above The Line advertising is slowly abandoned by the audience and digital marketing is about to stay for the future. So what’s Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing

Over the last three decades, the rapid progress of the marketing industry demands marketers to stay up-to-date with current technology and trends. We have come a long way from the era of brochures and telephone marketing, today with most modern people spending their time online, marketers must reach them using online advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, etc.

In short, digital marketing is a series of marketing efforts that deliver through digital channels. The channel itself starts from social media, mobile app, websites, web app, search engines, and other new digital channels. 

The term digital marketing itself was firstly used in the 1990s, a time when the internet was coming to the stage and it’s called the Web 1.0 era. Then in 1993, the first ads clickable banner was launched after HotWired purchased a few banner ads that were utilized for their advertising. It was marked by the rise of the digital marketing era. In the next year, these digital activities accelerate into another thing. 

The Web 2.0 era was significant, people became an active participant than the passive ones on Web 1.0. As a result of this response, in 2004 internet marketing and advertising hit around $2.9 billion in the US. Soon the other thing that accelerates the development of the digital marketing era is a social media invention. 

Based on Hootsuite & We.Are.Social research in 2019, Indonesia has a huge number of internet uses. Indonesian users reach 150 billion with the average spend time on social media reaching around 3.30 hours per day. 

Impressive, right? So how is it now?

The Big Impact on The World

In this digital-driven society, digital marketing has an incredible influence on how people interact with, work, purchases, and everyday habits. Every brand today has to utilize this digital universe to maximize their brand image, brand awareness, until how to up-sell their products.

The big impact of digital marketing on the world comes from many aspects, one of them is digital marketing delivers Instant Communication. Every brand now could easily be in the same interest as their potential customers do and it makes interacting with people easier through the internet & social media.

The second aspect that makes digital marketing have a big impact on the world is Customers Data. This technology allows marketers to gain specific knowledge and insight about their customers. Brands could know which metrics are most important in growing the sales, which customers are going to pay off, and brands could create campaigns or advertising that is personalized based on their customer's interests.

The digital era has encouraged brands to Innovate. Through innovations, many brands are embracing the technological advance to engage and serve their customers better. 

This digital marketing era breeds a group of incredibly influential people. Brands started endorsing people that could influence their audience to get millions of people that interested in their products or service. It is usually called Influencer Marketing. This also makes the strategic marketing of a brand to be more human and personalized based on their audience preferences.

Lots of advantages from the Digital Marketing era if you could optimize every aspect of it. Every brand will have different specific goals, but most of them want to achieve goals by expanding their potential customers and convincing them to purchase. 

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