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Technology has affected how people do business when people could only start a business with a store or at least a pop-up store previously. Now people could also start their business online or do both offline and online. The pandemic also rapidly changes everyone’s behavior towards everything. Things are shifting from offline to online, including shopping behavior. People have the urge to shop online in terms of making everything as contactless as possible.


The hype of online business is far-fetched more than ever. Even businesses who rely heavily on their offline channels (stores, marketing, etc) still need to maintain their online marketing efforts. That is why there’s what's called Storeless Business which means a business that focuses on online without having an offline store.


Furthermore, you can gain several values from this kind of business:


  1. Reduce Overhead

If a mortar and brick business needs to rent an office space, an online business could reduce some fixed expenses by working from everywhere as long as there’s a strong signal of the internet to get started.


  1. Flexibility

Running an online business could give you the maximum flexibility in your work life. The internet is available almost in every corner of the world, so you can schedule work based on your preference. 


  1. Reduce Marketing Cost

The internet offers us unlimited access to reach more and more people in a short period of time. This also comes with various markets and is designed not only for sustainable businesses but also for start-up businesses. Digital marketing gives you a more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers outstanding results if the strategy went well.


  1. Unlimited Market

By doing an online business, you could track, analyze, and interpret what your customers want, what is their interest, what kind of content they want to see, etc through several efforts of digital marketing.


  1. Easy Transactions

An online business allows the customers to shop easily, through the gadget on their hand and one click away until their package safely arrives in front of their front door. As a business owner, online businesses give you online payment features that secure both you and every customer on every transaction.


This store-less business nowadays produces billionaire internet entrepreneurs. Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), Larry Page (CEO of Alphabet Inc.), and many more.


The internet trends also trigger many small-medium entrepreneurs to join the pool. In Indonesia, one of the most popular industries that have impressive growth in online business is the Local Fashion Industry. The awakening of the local fashion industry reached its peak growth since they went online. Big numbers of the fashion businesses gained their optimum growth when they went online, such as Eiger Group, Love and Flair, Screamous, CALLA the Label, and many more. Also there are many local storeless businesses that could compete with them such as TAKA Craft, Prepp Studio,, and many more. Storeless business encourages many business owners to be more innovative in this digital era. 


The important thing about going online is you have to manage your business to reach the right target audience and at the same time, you have to make a great exposure for your business so the ball would roll bigger and bigger. One powerful tool to create this impact is by utilizing Digital Advertising. Optimizing the placement of your digital ads is a whole new level. Boleh Dicoba Digital as a performance branding agency could help you out on optimizing the placement of your digital ads with the method that utilizes both on performance and give advice on branding sides. Please put your inquiry through our WhatsApp +62818 0575 7585 for any assistance.


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