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Which One Is More Important? Branding or Marketing?

Branding and marketing are two terms that will mostly come across when it comes to business. Branding and marketing are so difficult to separate because both of them share overarching goals with one another. Before we talk further about which one is more important, let’s first discover what exactly branding and marketing are.


What is Branding?

Branding is several efforts that you do to shape your brand by expressing your brand’s value and positioning to attract the target audience until they become loyal customers. Branding is a culture and sense that you've built within your brand. But, branding is not just about logos, it's wider than that. 


  • How you serve your content is Branding
  • Releasing your website is Branding
  • How you create a campaign is Branding
  • How you write your caption is Branding
  • And how you communicate with your customers is also Branding


So all we could say, Branding is the way you define your brand for long-term purposes and so your customers keep coming back for years to come. If marketing purpose is the conversion into sales, branding is beyond that. The goal of branding is relationship building, how you want your brand to be perceived by your customers and what your brand is all about.


What is Marketing?

If branding purpose is for the long-term one, marketing has a different time frame because it’s shorter. Marketing is defined as the set of activities including tools, processes, strategies that are used actively for promotional purposes. In short...


  • Search Engine Optimization is Marketing
  • Social media advertising is Marketing
  • A promotional campaign is Marketing
  • A promotional email is also Marketing


Marketing can be done once a month when you are releasing your new product, or else riding the wave of consumer trends. The main goal is sales conversion.


So, which one is more important?


Remember the old saying “which one comes first, the chicken or the egg?”. The terms on business are usually which one comes first, branding or marketing? or which one is more important.


Branding and marketing are two things that can’t be separated from one to another, because of overarching goals. If branding goals are to win customer loyalty, then marketing goals are more tangible, numbers of sales.  


Marketing provides the initial traction for your brands, it’s not your fault if you’re thinking that marketing comes first.


But it isn’t. Your strategy will not be sustained if you prepare marketing before branding. Because you can’t market a brand that you have not defined. Branding is the grand scheme to build your brand. 


What is your brand? What are your core values? Who are your customers? What do you want them to perceive about your brand? And how do you communicate your brand’s message?


If you already know the answer, and so you are ready to enter your market by thinking of the marketing strategy that could make the most of your brands. Remember, customer loyalty is something that you can’t purchase, but can only win. 

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