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BDD Content Creator, A Simple Solution for Your TikTok Issues

31 Jul 2023

“At BDD, we have TikTok content creators who can assist clients with all TikTok-related issues, from regulating flow to developing strong strategies. So, when using these services, everything is arranged and prepared, the client just has to sit tight and wait for it to be done.”

-Daffa Rizqi Yana-

Since the past few years, TikTok has been insanely popular and the growth is very fast. Almost everyone, especially the younger generation, have a TikTok app on their smartphone. It’s because TikTok successfully provides entertainment to its users through short-video content. 

TikTok is also known for its algorithm that makes it easy for all users to get a chance to be viral, depending on how you can create engaging content. That’s why these days a lot of people want to be content creators on TikTok. 

However, to be content creators on TikTok is actually quite challenging, especially at the beginning. Daffa Rizqi Yana, content creator at BDD, has experienced that phase. He’s stated that his biggest challenge is when determining personal branding that matches with target audiences.

“We have to determine personal branding that matches consumer behavior. It takes a lot of time to research and brainstorm. My advice, it is better to look at the demands of the audiences rather than your own wishes. Once your personal branding is strong, start to think about the contents and focus on the theme.”

Seeing the struggle, why there are a lot of brand owners that have trouble creating content to promote their product. If you have that kind of problem, BDD is happy to help you to solve all the problems related to TikTok. 

BDD has TikTok Content Development and TikTok Live Streaming services that can be tailored with your business needs. As one of the creators in the BDD Creative team, Daffa explains a little bit about the difference between those services. 

“TikTok Content Development is perfect for every business stage, whether small company or big company. It’s because this service provides content plan strategies that are really structured and can achieve KPI. The focus of TikTok Content Development itself is to build brand awareness. While TikTok Live Streaming service is suitable for brands that have increasing sales.”

Furthermore, Daffa also said that product marketing in TikTok is now more promising thanks to TikTok Shop. According to him, TikTok Shop has a more interesting consumer journey than other e-commerce.

“TikTok Shop is like e-commerce and it has a very big role in selling the products because there are various benefits, such as live streaming to content creation with the yellow basket. The creators who want to sell their products can create a soft-selling content which then directs the viewer to make purchases. This way will make viewers see the products clearly without having to switch to another platform. That is one of the advantages of TikTok Shop over other e-commerce, the consumer journey is more interesting and easier.”

With Content Creator (TikTok) service, BDD will help you to increase brand awareness and sales through eye-catching content production and live streaming. Not only that, we also can prepare strong strategies to be able achieve KPI or business objectives that have been determined. 

The BDD Creative team has an expert TikTok content creator, so you don’t have to worry when letting us handle your business issues. Plus, this service provides content creation for a certain period, from 3 months, 6 months, even up to one year.

We will arrange the flow or structure of the various kinds of content according to your brand guidelines. So, simply put, when you use this service, you just have to sit tight and accept it when it’s done.
Interesting isn’it? So don’t wait any longer, call us now or click the Content Creator (TikTok) Service here.

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