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Get In Touch with Carbs & Co, Bandung Healthy Restaurant

31 Jul 2023

It’s undeniable that our body needs healthy food to maintain organ function and support growth. However, there are some people who still rarely consume healthy foods for plenty of reasons, one of which is access. 

Access is considered to become one of main reasons why people still rarely consume healthy foods. As we know, these days there are more outlets that serve fast foods rather than healthy foods. 

Aware of this issue, Carbs & Co shows up to provide a variety of healthy food menus that people can enjoy. Unlike healthy foods in general, the menus at Carbs & Co just break the stigma that healthy food is bland and only contains vegetables. 

Carbs & Co has many variants on the menu that have unique taste and are satisfying. The menus at Carbs & Co are also always updated so consumers don’t get bored. 

We have a special chance to get in touch directly with the owner of Carbs & Co, Romario Feriz. We asked a lot of interesting things about Carbs & Co at the beginning and how to ensure that the menu has a balanced nutritional value. Read this for the details! 

  • How did you come up with Carbs & Co?

“When I was in college back in 2018, I was at a crossroads between wanting to work or business. So, during my last year, I went to the gym to keep myself active and make an aesthetic body. I’ve tried the gym multiple times and wondered why my body still wasn’t in shape. Turns out, what makes a healthy or aesthetic body is not primarily the sport, but the food. Starting from there, I only consume food whose recipes that I created. I consumed certain food daily and it had a significant effect on my body. From that moment, I tried to sell healthy foods in early 2019. I made home catering but had to stop because of work. Long story short, I was looking for a partner while I was out with Jenzo. At first, the idea was only limited to catering by renting a boarding house for the kitchen. However, Jenzo said that we should open a small restaurant instead. I have another partner, Idan, who works as a chef on a ferry. I asked him to come along and finally we began operations in November 2019 after finding a place in Kamuning.”

  • There are plenty of healthy food businesses, why do you still choose it?

“I simply want to be in a business that I’m familiar with, and the concept of the healthiest diet is one that I’m most knowledgeable about. I’m fully aware of the concept of proper diet according to balanced nutrition guidelines.”

  • How is the market for healthy foods in Bandung? 

“In Bandung, we still need to adapt because the market hasn’t caught up to the value we provide. We are attempting to maintain the marketability because, based on prices, it’s actually quite difficult.”

  • When are the highest sales so far?

“As a result of our analysis and validation, people who eat healthy food are those who have resolutions at the start of the year and after Eid. So, it was the highest period of our sales.”

  • How to organize the nutritions and the nourishment of the menus?

“The menus at Carbs & Co are based on my interest, so if I think a menu is appropriate, I will suggest it, and for the technical part, I will reformulate the food. Each raw material has been modified to achieve a balanced nutritional value.”

Not only that, we also discussed about brand awareness and how to increase brand awareness of Carbs & Co from the point-of-view of Feriz as brand owner. Feriz explains a lot about Carbs & Co awareness strategy, their next campaign, and gives a message for those who want to open a business, especially in the F&B industry.

  • How can you effectively raise brand awareness to consumers?

“I’m quite old-school, which means I prefer organic methods, such as mouth-to-mouth or providing value with the product so that consumers can make their own decisions. But these days, we also increase brand awareness by inviting influencers. So, it could be said that social media is our main weapon.”

  • Besides social media, what is Carbs & Co’s best strategy?

“We use advertisements, currently on Grab, Instagram and Google. We also engage in partnership, and one of the partners is a healthy powdered drink product. However, the outcome wasn’t great. We’ve collaborated with gyms as well, with only average results.” 

  • What is Carbs & Co’s upcoming strategy for raising awareness? 

“The most important thing is to continue advertising consistently and bring in more KOLs who have collaborated with us. Beyond raising awareness, we want to have branches in areas where there is already a high level of health-related education and understanding, like Jakarta, Bali, and Surabaya.”

  • What are indicators that brand awareness is successful? 

“Carbs & Co is the place to go in Bandung if you’re looking for healthy food.”

  • Any message for those who want to start an F&B business? 

“It must start with knowledge and deepen understanding of the product. After that, practice and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

As stated by Feriz, brand awareness plays an important role for brands, especially if it’s still new. Brand owners have to increase brand awareness in order to reach a wider market. 

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