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Back to our slogan surviving this digital marketing business; we know the game, we play the game, we live the game. We put our eye close to the movement in this digital marketing industry. Pick up visions from our written bulletin.

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Bulletin Program by Boleh Dicoba Digital

After 6 years wrestling the digital marketing industry, we’ve encountered numerous brands from various industries. As your go to Growth Partner, one of our main source of satisfaction is knowing that the brands that walked with us are able to run a long marathon and achieve the desired success.

Motivated, we created Bulletin Program to help business owners better understand the business climate in each industry during certain period.

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2022 made our eyes close to rapid trends in digital marketing. It grew faster than anyone thought so. This report serves you 2022’s record of growth and general insights to battle better in 2023.

Giving hands on more than 700 clients, we’ve been actively helping our clients striving for Twin Date in the last 2 years. Here’s the insights to plan better strategies for 12.12.

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