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AI: Threat or Opportunity for Business?

27 Jul 2023

Thanks to the advancement of technology, various types of jobs in this era now can be optimized by Artificial Intelligence (AI). In recent years, it has become more popular and used by many people. 

The impact of AI is also significant, especially in the business world. The role of AI in the business world is quite huge because this technology can do anything, including improving the work efficiency. 

There’s so many who believe that Artificial Intelligence will replace people’s jobs in the near future. But that’s not entirely true. In fact, many business owners feel helped with this technology without having to sacrifice someone’s job. 

According to Frost & Sullivan research, 87% of organizations believe that AI and machine learning will help them to grow revenue, boost operational efficiency, and improve customer experiences. 

Although AI is now used by almost all businesses in various industries, but there’s many still don’t use this technology for digital marketing or advertising. In this article, we will explore the benefits of AI for business development in the digital marketing industry. Take notes, Buddies!

1. Ads can target specific audiences

Traditional ads are now less effective to reach target audiences. Fortunately, with AI you could target audiences based on their preference with the available data. This technology can also predict whether consumers will make a purchase or not.

2. Customer behavior is more predictable

Thanks to AI contributions, customer behavior is now quite predictable. AI-software uses data and statistical models to predict future behavior based on the past characteristics. When you can anticipate their behavior, you can send them highly targeted marketing messages and direct them to make a purchase.

3. Customer engagements are analyzed better

Knowing the result of engagements is crucial for determining which strategies that worked and didn’t. Using AI to track all the campaigns will show you better insight into which customer segments should be targeted. AI tools can also provide accurate analysis about what customers want and how to target them.

4. Improve customer experiences

Another role AI can do for business is to improve customer experiences. One example of how AI can improve customer experience is to use Chatbots that can be programmed to answer frequently asked questions. By using Chatbots, businesses can provide 24/7 service which can automatically improve customer satisfaction. 

Artificial Intelligence has undeniably provided so many benefits to all businesses, both in terms of productivity and efficiency. Ignoring the positive side of AI will only make your businesses fall behind competitors who are now increasingly relying on technology. 

Business owners should start to consider using AI to support their business growth. Although Artificial Intelligence can seem complicated, the marketing software that uses this technology is very user-friendly and easy to use. 

That is demonstrated by a survey that showed that 86% of CEOs view AI as an important aspect of their operations, not as robots or complex machines, but as software to help with daily tasks. 

So, have you tried AI technology for your business, Buddies? If you’re still confused about how to implement this advanced technology, feel free to consult with us! Want to try? Click here for free consultation with BDD! 

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