Scales Up Your Relationship With Customer, Moreover Their Trust to You!

We help the business to retain customers, and encourages them to explore more of your products and services.

Over 50+ Business growing with Community Development

How does this problem sound to you? Familiar?

Unaware of Consumer’s Wants

You feel like you’re insensible and insensitive to your market. Most probably, consumer haven’t got the trust to tell what they want. “Is there any formula for being “trusted”?

Consumer Relationships Management Difficulties

You face high churn rates in terms of maintaining any existing consumers. “Well, you don’t have deep relationships with just product, do you?”

Challenges in Understanding Consumer’s Point of View

You struggle with answering and providing market needs. As the old saying goes: “Ask and you shall receive”

We help overcome those everyday issues through Community Development Service

Customer Analysis & KPI Mapping

Customer needs VS Business needs. Why not making both happy with KPI mapping. We tailor it with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound).

Program Activation & Maintenance

KPI? Done! We’d achieve that while help you develop activation and maintenance program to make sure customer to stay around (and purchase that repeat order!)

Monitoring & Evaluation

We’d help you track the KPI made and activation plus maintenance programs we’re agreed on. This way, we could develop better cycle to solve the issues.

Brands that grow with us

Brands are not only client. We’ve been buddies for quite a while and we have grown together through all the process. Here are some of our buddies:

Meet The Team

Here are our dedicated team, ready to optimize with you!

Yuricho Billy

Community Dev. Head

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Dyah Ayu Ramadhani

Marketing Dept. Head

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Mathilda Claressa

Community Project Manager

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Agisyandi Yasa

Content Designer

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-Geoffrey Neighor

We bring you one of the most relaxed yet productive sharing sessions during breakfast time. Curated and tasteful. Two words that would best describe this monthly program, a set of two-hour discussion with our selected group of guest lists.

No matter what you say over a cup of coffee and any preferred choice of croissants, might lead to something bigger: network and collaboration.

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Our Community marketing quantifies something as qualitative as human beings

“The key to raise the standard of your community can be found in your capacity to measure people’s interest and movement using an accurate framework!”

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