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Graphic Design Community, Attracting People Through Visuals

31 Jul 2023

“Even though we are used to creating designs for internal needs, we also have to always think about how to make fresh design”

-Agisyandi Yasa-

How often do you see attractive visuals from content on social media? Well, those attractive visuals are made by a graphic designer. They have expertise in the graphic design field and their job is to make some visuals more interesting. 

Graphic design is now used for various purposes, including business. The role of graphic design for business is also quite a lot, such as promos, logos, contents, packaging, and more. 

BDD as a digital marketing agency also uses graphic design for internal needs. Agisyandi Yasa, content designer Community Development BDD, talked about the types of design that are commonly requested for the needs of the company. 

“First is definitely for the branding purposes of BDD itself. Also for event needs, such as banners, teasers, merchandise, photo booth, contents, and many more. Even though we are used to creating designs for internal needs, we also have to always think about how to make fresh designs.”

Graphic design is defined as the process of creating visual compositions through typography, colors, illustrations and shapes to communicate ideas or attract public attention. Visuals are often the first thing people see, so the function of this graphic design is to enhance these visuals.

Well, as one of the services that is often involved in events with clients, Community Development BDD also always needs graphic design contributions. Usually, graphic designs are needed for the purposes of designing invitations, promos, and content on social media.

Apart from handling designs for internal needs, Yasa also often handles designs for Community clients. Agis highlighted that one of the most important things when working on a design for a client is the adjustment to the company’s branding.

“For clients, the request is usually content for Instagram feeds and stories. First we have to look at what the company’s branding is like, it can be formal and informal. Then we look for references that match the company’s branding and make several alternative designs to show.”

Community Development BDD indeed requires graphic design, both for internal and client needs. Community Development itself is a service that functions to develop clients so they can be more loyal to the brand.

Some of the services available in Community Development include Customer Analysis & KPI Mapping, Program Activation & Maintenance, and Monitoring & Evaluation. In addition, one of the advantages of this service is that we have a lot of connections, not only from customers only but we also connect with various communities in Indonesia. 

So, apart from being assisted by some of these services, clients will also get benefits in terms of connection. Because the most important part of the community is the network.

Interesting isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Call us or click BDD Community Development Service to scale up customer trust and boost the relationship with your client.

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