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Most Profitable Business Ideas After Eid, Must Try!

05 Jul 2023

Ramadan is known as a month full of opportunities for business people to gain profits. This is inseparable from the changing behavior of consumers who tend to spend more in the holy month. 

However, there are many people who believe that the opportunities for profit will run out after Ramadan ends. In fact, this is not always the case. In the moments after Eid, the purchasing power of the community is very high so that it can be utilized by business people. 

The high purchasing power of people is usually caused by the fact that they get THR or Tunjangan Hari Raya. The money is often immediately spent on various needs, both primary and secondary needs. 

Well, the Eid moment should be maximally utilized by Buddies who want to reap income through profitable businesses. However, the business must target the right target and in accordance with consumer needs. 

If Buddies are still confused about what business to work on after Eid, don’t worry. We will give you some of the most profitable post-Eid business ideas. Take notes, okay!

1. Healthy food catering

The first business idea that can be worked on after Eid is opening a healthy food catering. The uncontrollable and cholesterol-laden diet during the holidays is the main reason why this business is much needed. After Eid is over, people will usually return to a regular lifestyle by consuming healthy food.

2. Laundry business

Laundry business is no less profitable to do after Eid is over. Eid itself is known for the tradition of going home to your hometown to gather with your family. Usually after returning home, they are immediately faced with various activities so that a lot of laundry accumulates. 

Not to mention the number of household assistants who return home during the holiday. Well, this business can be utilized to fill these opportunities for people who need it.

3. Wedding Organizer

Wedding organizer (WO) or wedding planner is also the most sought-after business after Eid. There are many people who want to get married early after Ramadan ends, especially Muslims. In Islam itself, getting married in Shawwal or after Eid is believed to be a good moment and is recommended by the prophet. 

The number of these weddings often lasts for almost two months or until Eid al-Adha arrives. Well, Buddies can join an existing WO crew if you can’t gather your own crew.

4. Qurbani animals business

After Eid, there are many holidays whose momentum can be utilized to open a business, one of which is Eid al-Adha. Eid al-Adha is known as a time of sacrifice for Muslims. Therefore, the demand for qurbani animals is usually very high, opening up opportunities for businesses.

5. Toys and collectible business

Toy business is one of the most promising businesses after Eid. Of course, the sales target is children who usually get THR money from their families. But not only children, there are also adults who are looking for hobby items to collect. To do this business, Buddies can do it without capital by becoming a dropshipper or reseller. 

That’s the lineup of promising businesses to work on after Eid. Of course, all of the above businesses need to be made a mature strategy in order to bring maximum results. Determining the target market is also very important to ensure that the business is directed and right on target. 

Before starting, make sure Buddies have taken into account various things, ranging from time, readiness, to the capital needed to run the business. This is done in order to prevent the business from stopping in the middle of the road and ensure that everything runs smoothly until the end. 

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