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Must Know! These are 7 Elements of Graphic Design and Their Explanations

27 Jun 2023

Along with the times, graphic design or graphic design is increasingly being used for various purposes, including business. Graphic design itself is the process of making visual compositions through typography, color, illustrations and shapes to communicate ideas or attract public attention.

As a way to communicate the idea or message, designers need to master various aspects of graphic design so that the message can be conveyed. Aspects that are well-known among designers consist of design elements and also design principles.

Basically, these two aspects are interrelated. Designers use design elements to create visual works by paying attention to design principles which are a series of practices so that designs are pleasing to the eye.

Although these two aspects are very important to know, this article focuses on design elements that are considered basic knowledge of graphic design. There are at least 7 elements in the world of design which include shape, color, space, line, texture, value and scale.

So, in this article, we will try to explain all of these design elements. Take notes, okay!

1. Line

The first element in the world of graphic design is line. The shape or pattern of the line itself has various kinds, ranging from horizontal, vertical, diagonal, straight, curved to zig-zag. These various patterns are not just ordinary patterns, but have a purpose behind them.

2. Shape

Basically, shape is a two-dimensional or three-dimensional area that has elements of height, width and diameter. In the world of graphic design, there are three types of shapes, namely organic shapes, geometric shapes and abstract shapes. The three types of shapes can also be combined by designers when creating works.

3. Color

The next graphic design element is color. Color plays an important role in design because it can describe mood, light to point of view. In its use, designers often use color theory and the color wheel to mix or combine several colors to make it more attractive.

4. Texture

Texture is one of the graphic design elements used to represent an object so that it can be seen or felt. This one element is divided into two, namely tactile or real textures and visual textures. Tactile textures are designs that can be felt physically, for example smooth or rough. While the visual texture is a design with imaginary nuances.

5. Space

Space or space is one of the most important elements in graphic design because it can affect how other people see a design as desired. In graphic design, space is divided into two types, namely negative space and positive space. Negative space or commonly known as white space is the space around the focal point of an object. While positive space is the space used in the subject.

6. Value

The next graphic design element is value. In the world of design, value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. Usually values ​​are often visualized in gradations that display a range of color variations from lightest to darkest. This element can be used for various purposes, one of which is to create an illusion.

7. Scale

Scale is an important element in a design because it can not only be used for symmetrical objects, but also for abstract objects. Scale can also be used to create a more realistic design composition and allow designers to highlight important areas.

As already mentioned, graphic design is the process of creating a visual composition to communicate an idea or message. So, graphic design is not solely about aesthetics, but many other purposes behind it.

In the context of marketing, graphic design also plays an important role. In fact, according to research conducted by Adobe, it was recorded that 73% of businesses are willing to spend a lot of money to improve designs so they can outperform their competitors.

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