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Reviewing Motion Graphics and Its Various Uses

05 Jul 2023

In today’s digital era, seeing moving images or graphics is nothing new. This is inseparable from the role of motion graphics, which is growing over time.

Basically, motion graphics are defined as illustrations or moving images. Motion graphics are a type of graphic design consisting of elements such as text, sound, photography, illustrations, and many more.

However, what distinguishes motion graphics from other types of graphics is the way they are made, namely the use of animation techniques. In motion graphics there are additional elements such as audio and videography which make this graphic quite unique.

Now, a profession that does all work related to motion graphics is called a motion graphic designer. They are responsible for designing and creating animations as well as preparing designs, layouts, and concepts as needed.

This motion graphic is very popular in the world of broadcasting because it is useful to attract a lot of attention with a combination of audio-visual elements. Not only for broadcasting, it turns out that motion graphics also have many uses, you know, for various other industries. Here we show some other uses. Take notes, okay!

1. Information Sharing

The first use of motion graphics is to share information. With motion graphics, the information you want to share can be turned into an animated form and then added audio or other features. This method is considered effective because the information is both interesting and easy to understand.

2. Movie & Video

Motion graphics can also be useful for film or video purposes, generally when displaying titles that are usually seen at the beginning or end of a show. Usually the title is displayed with text as well as custom audio to add ambiance to movies and videos. The use of motion graphics in that situation was considered successful in making the audience impressed and amazed when they saw it.

3. Logo

Not only for films and videos, the use of motion graphics can also be used to make a business or company logo. If generally logos are 2D, then there’s nothing wrong with making them in animated form to make them more attractive. The logo that is formed into an animation will look more alive and can be used for video content purposes.

4. Social Media Content

Social media is the first place that many people visit for various purposes, such as looking for news, information or entertainment. To get people interested, it requires the use of motion graphics for creating social media content. Besides being useful for giving an interesting impression, the content is also easier for visitors to capture.

5. Digital Marketing

Other uses of motion graphics can also be felt by the digital marketing industry. Known as activities that include promotion and advertising, motion graphics can make various advertisements that will be displayed more attractive with moving images. This method looks more creative and can make a lot of the audience glance at the advertisement.

So, those were some of the benefits or uses of motion graphics for various purposes. In essence, the use of motion graphics has the main function of making works more interesting and the messages in them easily accepted by people.

This automatically makes the existence of motion graphics very important for businesses in various fields. Not a few businesses and companies are trying to attract an audience by utilizing this type of graphics. And it’s been proven, many businesses have benefited from motion graphics.

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