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Secret Recipe to Effectively Build Brand Awareness

26 Jul 2023

It’s not surprising that brand awareness has become one of crucial aspects for business growth. In fact, 89% of marketers claim that brand awareness is their number one goal. Building brand awareness is considered important because it can create client trust and make it easier for you to get more new clients. 

Brand awareness is the first step to making a brand more recognizable. With strong brand awareness, it will help you to improve customer loyalty. So, it must be built by creating a good and sustainable relationship. 

When people are already familiar with your brand, they’re more likely to learn about your business because they know it exists. They’re also often to click on your ads, give you their information, and finally become a customer. That’s why creating brand awareness is vital for every business. 

Then how to build brand awareness effectively? In this post, we will share some brand awareness strategies to help you get started. 

1. Creating a strong brand image

First, you should have a strong brand image so that potential customers are familiar and recognize your business. One of the ways is to use consistent visuals across all your business channels. This means using the same fonts, colors, and logo on all channels.

2. Active on social media

Social media is now considered as a great marketing channel. Try to do social media marketing for your brand awareness strategy. Create shareable content, so that you can reach new audiences. Make sure you always participate in social media trends to stay relevant.

3. Influencer marketing

Not only do you have to be active on social media, you can also do influencer marketing as one of your awareness strategies. Take advantage of the popularity of influencers by working together to promote your brand. But, make sure the influencer that is chosen has a good character and can represent your brand to the public.

4. Run awareness ads

Almost all social media channels understand how important brand awareness is for business. That’s why they have ads that specifically focus on awareness. Running ads can be one of the strategies you can try to increase brand awareness. This way is very powerful to ensure your budget goes toward building awareness for your brand.

So, that’s some brand awareness strategies that you should take notes on. Of course, that list is not a complete list. There’s still many strategies that you can use to build brand awareness. However, these four points are perfect for you to start. 

Brand awareness might be safe to say is the foundation of a brand, as well as conversion of sales. You need to make sure first that your target audiences are aware of your brand before they can become clients or customers. 

It can be understandable that many brand owners are struggling to effectively build brand awareness. But you don’t have to be one of them! We can help you out with our new Bulletin, called Secret Recipe of Brand Awareness Strategy on Social Media Platform. 

The new edition of our Bulletin will highlight the marketing funnel (awareness to consideration). You can get more fruitful insight about brand awareness, especially in F&B industry.

Furthermore, this Bulletin also discusses the role of social media platforms to increase brand awareness. We also displayed the brand awareness strategies, examples of brand awareness in the F&B sector, an interview with brand owners, and case studies in that Bulletin. 

So, we’ve got everything ready for you, Buddies. Now you just have to enjoy our digital report and hopefully it could assist your business to grow. Click here to download Secret Recipe of Brand Awareness Strategy on Social Media Platform! 

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