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The Most Efficient Free Email Marketing Tools for Your Business

31 Jul 2023

Along with fast developments in the digital industry, many marketing channels are also evolving. While some of them come and go pretty quickly, there’s one channel that has remained the same, email. 

Email is known as one of the oldest communication media that is still used by many people for some purposes, including business. In fact, email is considered the top channel for content marketing with both B2C and B2B marketers. 

Email marketing is indeed one of the most effective digital marketing methods because of its various functions. In email marketing, you can promote your products, communicate with customers, or share informative articles with addition of call-to-action (CTA). 

With that said, every marketer or business owner should have a deep understanding about email marketing, including its tools. Because without efficient tools, they may struggle to create engaging email marketing. There’s many email marketing tools that’s not expensive, in fact some of them are free. 

So, what email marketing tools are recommended for every business? In this article, we will show you numbers of free marketing tools that will make your email look stunning. Take notes, okay!

1. HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot recently launched a free email marketing tool that can support your business needs. This free email marketing tool is integrated with other HubSpot tools so you can access those tools once you create an account. HubSpot email marketing has a ready-made template that makes these tools look simple yet efficient.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the popular email marketing tools that can provide you with creating email and scheduling. You also can store your images and files to design emails using the Content Manager. These email marketing tools have a smart recommendations feature that show you valuable audience insight to improve your marketing efforts.

3. Omnisend

Omnisend is a new email marketing tool but is considered as one of the best software. As a free email marketing tool, Omnisend provides automatic email delivery features that can support business needs. Not only that, Omnisend also has additional features that can integrate with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram and WhatsApp.

4. Benchmark Email

The next one is Benchmark Email, an email marketing tool to design stunning email no matter which device they’re viewed on. Benchmark Email provides an efficient template that allows you to edit images without additional apps. So, you can add images to your email, stickers, effects, or even text right on the platform.

So, that’s some free email marketing tools that are recommended to make your email look great. Even though it’s free, these email marketing tools have useful features that are more than enough to support business needs. 

So, if you’re not ready to invest in email marketing tools, don’t worry because there’s plenty of free email marketing tools that can help to save your budget. Even if you have to upgrade some features, you’ll find many paid plans that are still affordable. 

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