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Facebook CPAs (Collaboration Performance Advertising Solution)

30 Aug 2022

Being the most widely used social app in the world, Facebook is at the same time an effective tool for social media marketing now, Facebook has collaborated with the marketplaces to be able to run ad campaigns with the aim of increasing product sales and the ad results can also be measured accurately by using CPAS.

How Can Facebook CPAS Help you?

Leveraging Facebook CPAS allows you to reduce the advertising costs incurred when the campaigns are running. Because some people tend to choose expensive ads or they know nothing about the data benchmarking ofadvertising costs for each campaign. Sometimes it doesn’t even match between the business objectives and the campaign objective. You also cannot monitor the actual conversion rates and other ad performance metrics.

Facebook CPAS gives you the assurance that you will be paying for the results that matter to your line of business. But, Facebook CPAS needs to be optimized so you can get the most out of your campaigns.

Take Advantage Of These Must-Have Ads
Never miss out on these ads as they can provide the most returns to your business.

Always On (Business-as-usual ads)
Always On advertising serves to provide a continuous cycle of awareness to a broadaudience so you can reach as mush as potential audience as possible and your brand will be remembered.

This is comparable to campaign-based marketing which focuses on running campaigns for large events. While the latter is also important in digital marketing, Always On advertising allows you to keep your audience informed about your brand beyond specific events or dates.

Prospecting Ads
These Facebook ads are fully automated and are shown to an audience that is indeed similar to your customer persona. The algorithm leverages your customer data to find an audience that is most likely to make a purchase.

When someone clicks on a product that appears on social media, he will be taken to your marketplace store where the user can complete the purchase.

Here are some of the perks of using prospecting ads:

  • Showcases up to 50 products in a single ad
  • You get to market your product without having to convince people to go to your Shopee or Lazada page first
  • The Facebook algorithm is guaranteed that your ad will be shown to people who are most likely to buy your products if you run this together with a retargeting campaign.

Retargeting Ads

This is a type of Facebook Ad that targets people who have previously visited, viewed or purchased products from your online store. For example, if you run a Facebook Retargeting Ads, then your website visitors will be notified by receiving personalized ads on their Facebook or Instagram profile or Retargeting Ads will appear in their UI.

Use Conversion Events For Most Suitable Ad Types

  • Content Display

    We recommend using an attractive and informative content display for always-on ads. The goal is to get the audience’s attention and lure them to your online store. This content is arguably the most suitable approach.

  • Add to cart

    When you run this type of ad, you are practically conditioning a prospect into an upcoming sale in your online store. With that said, using add to cart as a conversion event proves to be most effective.

  • Purchase

    When you run Retargeting Ads, you should use a purchase as your conversion event. This is because the people you will be targeting are people who have already interacted with your online store. They have seen your product or even tried your product, have added one of your products to their cart, or also have made a purchase in the past. Therefore, you can run Retargeting Ads to convince them to make a previous purchase attempt or make a second purchase.

This means that your Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada and other marketplaces page and SDK data will be integrated to your Facebook page. It helps you to monitor and see the actual conversion value of the ads you are running. On top of it, CPAS will also allow you to retarget customers based on the interaction they have had with you on your page.

souce: Facebook CPAS Optimization Strategies | Split Dragon

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