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Social Media & Their Features

30 Aug 2022

It’s no question anymore that social media is a necessary marketing tool for any business that wants to stay relevant and visible in today’s business online world. In fact, 92 percent of marketers say that social media has helped increase exposure, which means that if you don’t use social media to the fullest, you could or may miss out on big opportunities.

How to Choose a Social Media Platform

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tiktok are the major social media platforms commonly used by businesses. BDD advises you to narrow down your options with specific platforms that will allow you to focus your efforts and get the best return on your time investment.

These things can help you to choose social media right!

  1. Identify your audience

    The first step you can take to identify who your audience is to write down information with some data about how to identify your audience:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Marital Status
    • Income
    • Occupation
    • Income
    • Location
    • Pain point

  2. Define your goal

    Once you know your audience, you need to set the purpose of your business intended for that audience. As a business owner, your main goal is likely to drive sales by attracting customers and those who are not yet customers. When it comes to creating your social media goals, brainstorming with your team is important so that your mission and vision aligns with achieving your desired goals.

  3. Find your audience

    Now that your audience is profiled and your goals determined, it’s time to find your audience. To do this, you’ll decide which platform your audience uses by looking at the demographics of users on each platform. You’ll also want to consider how active your audience is on that platform. For example, young people, usually they are more active on instagram and tiktok.

And here are some guides for you to find your audience that is suitable for your business:

Facebook was built to connect and stay in touch with old friends. This makes Facebook a good platform to build loyalty to your customer base. Carefully consider your business goals. If you’re trying to acquire a new business, Facebook may not be your best choice, but if you’re building a client-specific following and you need a way to stay in touch with them, this platform is a great choice.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms, especially among young audiences. This platform works really well for visual-based businesses, like art, food, retail, fashion and beauty. Because it’s a growing platform, there’s less noise than Facebook. This means the platform is useful for generating leads because your reach is wider.

Twitter is an excellent platform for building awareness for your brand. Twitter uses hashtags, which organize conversations around words or phrases. By searching for hashtags, you can learn what people are talking about so you can create your tweets to take part in popular conversations. Why are you doing this? Because Twitter can offer insights into what topics are trending. Twitter is often used by news outlets to find stories. Since Twitter is often used to provide real time updates to an audience, many brands combine Twitter with offline engagement, such as events.

Tiktok is known for short-form videos. Like Instagram, TikTok is best suited for visual-based businesses such as art, food, fashion, beauty, and some service industries. TikTok has a very young demographic. This platform is useful for targeting the 18-27 age group and is good at building brand awareness.

LinkedIn has a unique difference because it has a narrow focus and becomes the most widely used platform for audiences who talk more about B2B lead generation, the general network and recruiting employees. For linkedin, the largest users are between the ages of 25-49.

With the power of social media on your side, your business can grow like never before! The question is, how actively are you looking for a platform that suits you? Are you ready to get more customers through the best social media platforms for business?

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