BDD has been supporting business owners since 2017.

Through elevating collaborations to grow, we have come up with different ways to solve the problems of business owners, from performance marketing to community management, and everything in between.


How can we assist
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Digital Advertising

Optimize the performance of your brand’s ads, install CPAS, solve invisible issues on your online ads campaign, and many more. We will maximize the value of your ad budget.

Creative Content & Liveshopping

Create content that communicates the right message to your audience, and provide live shopping experience for your brand through various channels.

Website Development & Maintenance

Create an effective website that captures your brand and streamlines your businesses’ transactions.

Search Engine Optimization

Organically increase your website’s visibility through our data-driven strategy, handled by our industry SEO experts.

Growth-Hack Consultation

A 6-month program to build your brand’s digital marketing manual, based on our battle-tested modules.

Community Program Consultation

Build a community program to engage with the communities around your brand and gain the right touchpoints with your audience.

Digital Marketing Training

We offer tailored digital marketing training programs for your brand, guided by our digital marketing experts and professionals.


Us! The experts who will handle your business.

M Rizki Fahrurrozi

Small-Medium Business Digital Marketing Expert

Jenzo Andika

Media Buying and Full Stack Digital Marketing Expert

Kirana Paramitha

Digital Marketing Strategy Expert

Imam Suripto

Full-Stack Digital Marketing Expert

Dani Aprianto

Google Ads Display & Search Expert

Fashil Hasan E

Corporate Digital Marketing Training Expert


Lower-Funnel Digital Marketing Strategy Expert

Zulfa Arrizka

Business Development Expert

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Laras C Utoro

Media Planning & Digital Marketing Expert

Ridha Ayu Febriani

Customer Relationship Management Expert

Reza Adithya Utama

Google Ads Display & Video Expert

Prabu Rahwandy

Business Creative Management  Expert

Arif Hakim

Brand & Creative Strategy Expert

Fikri Firdaus

Performance Creative Expert

Yuricho Billy

Community Management and Maintenance Expert

Dyah Ayu Ramadhani

Marketing Campaign Expert

Armand Prasetya

Information Technology & System Expert

Anindita Dwi Sekar

Industry Search Engine Optimization Expert

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