What You Need to Know Before Building An Effective B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B marketing refers to companies’ strategies to sell products or services geared toward a business or organization. It targets the needs, interests, and challenges of individuals making purchases on behalf of their organization (rather than for themselves), thus making the organization the customer.

What to do in social media beside marketing

Social media is not just a marketing platform for your business. In fact, there are so many things to do in social media besides marketing campaigns that can actually boost your business

The Great Debate: Website or Marketplace?

Creating a website sure is expensive, huh? With the blooming marketplace ecosystem, it’s easier to push customers to convert, with easier payment gateway and various discounts. Aside from ease of access for customers, marketplaces also provide an easy user interface for business owners where a lot less effort is required to cater to their customers and for sales reporting.

Facebook CPAs (Collaboration Performance Advertising Solution)

Being the most widely used social app in the world, Facebook is at the same time an effective tool for social media marketing now, Facebook has collaborated with the marketplaces to be able to run ad campaigns with the aim of increasing product sales and the ad results can also be measured accurately by using CPAS

Reels, a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.

Invites you to create fun short videos to share with friends or anyone on Instagram. You can share with your followers on your feed and if you have a public account, you can share videos to the community or viewers with a wider audience. Because with Reels, it gives you the opportunity to reach new audiences on a global stage. With Reels, you can:

What should we prepare to create good content?

I think we all agree that creating good content is not as easy as it sounds. Because we have to make sure the content we create is informative enough to help people and has enough commercial intent to sell itself.


When you click a link and suddenly enter a landing page and then you make a transaction. But, have you ever thought about where the link comes from?

Social Media & Their Features

It’s no question anymore that social media is a necessary marketing tool for any business that wants to stay relevant an